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Head of the office

Steffen Haberzettl

Phone +49 7152 3308471
Mail info(at)

Cleaning Excellence Center (CEC)
Competence network for industrial component and surface cleaning

Mollenbachstraße 14
71229 Leonberg

Photo above: Headquarters of the CEC in Leonberg near Stuttgart

Practice-oriented networking among users

The Cleaning Excellence Center (CEC) is the competence network for industrial component and surface cleaning with its central location in Leonberg near Stuttgart. The CEC members include well-known technology companies as well as medium-sized companies from all areas of the technical cleanliness process chain. These include plant manufacturers, manufacturers of analysis equipment and process chemicals, as well as users of industrial cleaning products and processes.
The aim of the CEC is to offer companies from the most diverse areas of the technical cleanliness process chain a platform for practical tasks. The CEC members benefit from the user-oriented exchange of experiences and receive informative insights into the implementation of innovative technologies, logical processes and practical solutions. The holistic view of technical cleanliness with the surrounding production processes provides the foundation for pragmatic solutions.

What does the CEC do?

Extract from our services

  • Regular practice-oriented and interdisciplinary events
  • Implementation of practical working groups
  • Joint trade fair appearances
  • Exchange and mediation of contacts, information, knowledge and experience
  • Mediation of project partners
  • Cross-process structure of the technical cleanliness process chain
  • Initiation of cooperations and funding projects
  • Practical round robin tests

Photo above: CEC joint stand at parts2clean

What are the benefits for CEC members?

Top arguments for the CEC:

  • Access to specialist information and relevant actors
  • Use of a personal network
  • Suggestions for your own challenges
  • Strengthening the profile through interest groups
  • Further development through new approaches
  • Experience new views – look “out of the box”
  • Exchange beyond one’s own sphere of activity
  • Follow current industry trends
  • Practical know-how
  • Recognize and develop markets
  • Access to the CEC working groups
  • Participation in lectures and workshops
  • Free access to the CEC-TecSa forum

Photo above: Image rights on CEC

the CEC-members

Photo above: Image rights on CEC

Trade associations and organizations

The CEC-Board

Erster Vorsitzender
Herr Matthias Schnabel
Geschäftsführer, DOK GmbH

Stellv. Vorsitzender
Herr Ralf Nerling
Vertretung, Nerling Systemräume GmbH

Frau Prof. Dr. Juliane König-Birk
Dekanin der Fakultät für Technische Prozesse, Hochschule Heilbronn

Herr Benjamin Schweizer
Wirtschaftsförderung, Stadt Leonberg

Herr Robert Scheurle
Geschäftsführer – CFO, SITA Messtechnik GmbH

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